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20 septembre 2012 4 20 /09 /septembre /2012 11:57

"Entering the eShop now, my 3DS just asked to do a new update, I'm in version 4.3.0-10U

Video games Accessories online shopping

Edit:  Firmware is now 4.4.0-10U"


Flashing cards is always a risk if bad builds or fakes
please be careful when reflashing as you can kill you card




4.4.0-10 (Blocks Flashcards)

Format of information below
(Last working version number) Flashcard Name (website) - update information for latest 3DS update
(NEW CARD) = just released so what this flashcard is like and how well its supported is yet to be known

Flashcards Working:

Please wating for my test....

Flashcards Blocked:
(N/A) R4 Origional (r4ds.com) - No update possible
(N/A) DSTT (ndstt.com) - No update possible
(2.0.0-2) AK2i - HW44 (acekard.com) - No update possible (this is the old Acekard HW)
(2.0.0-2) IEDGE (edge-ds.cn)
(2.0.0-2) Pandora-3ds (pandora-3ds.com)
(2.1.0-4) iEvo - In DSi mode (cyclopsds.com)
(2.1.0-4) DSTTi (ndstt.com)
(3.0.0-5) GEI *Galaxy Eagle* (ge.ndsi.in)
( R4i (r4i.ndsi.in)
( EZFlash Vi (ezflash.cn)
( R4iGold RTS (r4i-gold.cc)
(4.1.0-8) R4iGold (R4iGold.cc)
(4.1.0-8) M3i zero GMP-Z003 (m3adapter.com)
(4.2.0-9) R4i Gold 3DS (r4i-gold.hk)
(4.2.0-9) R4iTT Purple / Black (r4itt.net)
(4.2.0-9) R4i Silver - No New Sticker (r4isdhc.com)
(4.2.0-9) R4i-Gold 3DS (r4i-gold.com)
(4.3.0-10) Action Replay DSi (codejunkies.com)
(4.3.0-10) Acekard 2i - HW81 (acekard.com)
(4.3.0-10) R4iGold 3DS (r4ids.cn)
(4.3.0-10) R4i Gold - non-3DS (r4ids.cn)
(4.3.0-10) Supercard DS2 (supercard.sc)
(4.3.0-10) ace3ds - plus (ace3ds.com)

Flashcards Unknown:
(4.3.0-10) Amaze3ds (amaze3ds.com)
(4.3.0-10) r4igold wood (r4igold.cc)
(4.3.0-10) r4igold V (r4igold.cc)
(4.3.0-10) R4iGold 3DS (r4igold.cc)
(4.3.0-10) R4iDSN 3DS (r4idsn.com)
(4.3.0-10) R4isdhc Dual-Core (r4isdhc.com)
(4.3.0-10) 2012 New R4isdhc-silver (r4isdhc.com)
(4.3.0-10) r4i3d (r4i3d.com)
(4.3.0-10) R4i-Gold Pro (r4i-gold.com)
(4.3.0-10) R4iTT Purple - New Sticker (r4itt.net)
(4.3.0-10) R4i Gold Plus (r4ids.com)
(4.3.0-10) R4infinity Dual Core (r4infinity.com)
(4.3.0-10) EX4i Movie&GBA card (ex4ds.com)
(4.3.0-10) R4i-SDHC 3DS (r4i-sdhc.com)
(4.3.0-10) Supercard DSOnei (supercard.sc)
(4.3.0-10) Supercard DSOnei Mini (supercard.sc)
(4.3.0-10) ace3ds - non-plus (ace3ds.com)

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